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Invigorating Salt Glow - An exhilarating body exfoliation designed to stimulate the epidermis and eliminate dry dead skin cells.  An aromatic salt mixture is massaged into the body leaving you energized and your skin ultra-smooth followed by a hydrating body gloss. 30min-$40

Smoothing Body Polish - A luxurious body scrub treatment designed to remove dry cell build up and purify the skin.  An exotic sugar scrub mixture is gently massaged into the body leaving the skin soft and supple followed by a hydrating body gloss. 30min-$40

Enliven Coffee Scrub - An energizing rub jam packed with antioxidants to rouse your senses and help fight the effects of environmental damage to your skin.  A harmonious coffee mixture is massaged into the skin followed by a light application of Shea and cocoa body butter.30min-$45


Swedish Massage - A relaxation massage using light to medium pressure designed to stimulate circulation and ease muscle tension and pain. 30min-$35  60min-$60  90min-$85

Deep Tissue Massage - A firm pressure massage geared towards reducing deep muscle and joint pain. Also may include stretching and various techniques to maximize benefits. 30min-$35  60min-$60  90min-$85

Neuromuscular Therapy - The nervous system is highly complicated and plays a major role in causing many symptoms.  If the symptoms are left untreated they can eventually cause chronic conditions.  Neuromuscular therapy addresses the nervous tissue, breaking down barriers (impingements and the like) through a number of techniques.  If you suffer from pain, numbness, or loss of sensation this is the therapy to pursue30min-$35  60min-$60  90min-$85

Sports Massage - A therapeutic massage using medium to firm pressure also incorporating stretches and various manual techniques to improve range of motion.  An assortment of muscle and joint ease products are used to enhance results. 30min-$40  60min-$65  90min-$90

Aromatherapy Massage - A calming massage intended for stress relief with the use of specific pure essential oils to promote brain function and body healing.  Add to your next session for an additional $5.00

Reflexology - While enjoying a head and scalp massage, achy feet are soothed by a warm, essential oil salt bath.  Then both a relaxing, and therapeutic hand and foot treatment will follow.  Manipulating predefined pressure points on the hands and feet in turn stimulates the nervous system and positively affects the organs and glands of the body. 30min-$40  60min-$65

Prenatal Massage - Perhaps no one needs and deserves a massage more than an expectant mother.  Our unique body cushion allows her to lie comfortably throughout all stages of the pregnancy.   This is a relaxing and therapeutic massage designed to reduce swelling and address problematic areas such as the low back. 30min-$40  60min-$65  90min-$90

Couples Massage - Share the experience! Enjoy your massages in a private suite with side by side tables. A great service to recieve with a significant other, close friend, or family member. 60min-$75  90min-$100 (prices per person)

Hot Stone Therapy - La Stone Massage - The healing art of stone massage has been in practice for thousands of years. Hot Stone massage involves the application of polished and heated basalt lava stones to key points on the body. Stones are heated to allow for greater relaxation of stress-tightened muscles, which can then be manipulated more effectively by a trained massage therapist. 60min-$75  90min-$105

Four Handed Tandem Massage - This innovative massage incorporates the work of two massage therapists simultaneously. Your body gets all the attention and more during this ultimate massage therapy experience. The result is a slower, more relaxed pace where deep tissue work (if desired) can be accomplished more comfortably and thoroughly. 30min-$70  60min-$110

Body in Balance

Body Sculpting Massage - This 90 minute massage helps reduce the appearance of cellulite by separating fused tissue layers and draining lymph fluid.  Using specific massage techniques to target build-up of adipose, stagnant fluid and fibrotic tissue increases microcirculation and reduces the size of fat tissue. 90min-$110

Skin Recovery Body Wrap - A refreshing treatment consisting of a coconut lime body polish improves the texture of the skin. This is followed by a moisturizing gel wrap with aloe, lemongrass, and grapefruit that hydrates while it repairs and regenerates tissue. 60min-$85

Detox Coffee Body Wrap - This invigorating service utilizes a robust coffee scrub mixture to perk-up your senses and awaken the body.   You are then enveloped in a super hydrating Shea and cocoa butter wrap.  Not only will this treatment stimulate your body to purge toxins and excess fluid it will help neutralize the effects of free radicals and improve the firmness of your skin. 60min-$85

Specialty Services

Rejuvenating Scalp Massage Treatment - A luxurious treatment implementing various oils massaged thoroughly into the scalp and hair follicles stimulating blood flow.  Nourishment is sent to the capillary vessels in the hair papillae to activate cells and hair growth. 30min-$40

Headache/Sinus Relief Massage - A concentrated treatment focusing on releasing points on the face, head, neck and shoulders to relieve sinus pressure or headaches due to allergies and colds.  Use of essential oil blends such as eucalyptus and peppermint can help open up blocked passageways. 30min-$40

Revitalizing Leg Masque - A must treatment for anyone who spends hours on their feet or suffers from achy, tired or swollen legs.  Aches and pains are massaged away, then legs are wrapped in a cool masque, which calms and soothes sore tissue as it lowers the surface temperature to provide instant relief and long lasting invigoration.  A recommended service for individuals with restless legs, varicose veins or poor circulation.  Enjoy a relaxing foot massage as this lower body masque wrap reinforces the tonicity of the micro capillaries and provides a long-lasting analgesic. 30min-$40 (add on only) 60min-$85

Sauna/Steam Shower - Reserve this room and enjoy relaxing in an Infrared sauna and/or utilize our hydro massage jet steam shower.  This private room can be for an individual or can accommodate two people at the same time.  Enjoy this amenity for 30, 45 or 60 minutes as an addition prior to or following any service.  Regular sauna use not only eases joint and muscle pain such as arthritis, it also promotes the elimination of toxins and allows the body to burn more calories.  Follow with a warm shower using our amazing steam function to feel moist heat that helps open up pores as well as blocked sinus passages. 30min-$25  45min-$35  60min-$45 


Cleansing Back Facial - Truly a facial for your back, this treatment includes a brushing cleanse and exfoliation scrub followed by a soothing antibacterial cooling mask.  Last, but not least a hydrating massage will leave this hard to reach area feeling refreshed and vibrant. 60min-$65

Express Facial - For those short on time try a condensed version of our most luxurious facial.  A quick but thorough facial regime including a cleanse, exfoliation, mask and moisturization.  This mini facial treatment can be combined prior or following other services as well. 30min-$40


Kneaded Relief Signature Facial - This facial treatment is personalized to your individual skin-type using customized Miessence certified organic products. This classic treatment will provide gentle cleansing, exfoliation and toning massage and deliver calming hydrating results. 60min-$70

Belavi Facelift Massage - A lifting, toning, firming massage treatment for the face. It softens lines and gives your face a smooth, glowing look for days. This most luxurious and pampering treatment ends with massage to the hands, feet, and scalp. 75min-$80

Gentleman's Facial -This deeply cleansing facial is designed specifically for the skin-care needs of men, addressing skin sensitivity and razor burn. A very therapeutic and intensely restful face and neck massage follows.This facial includes a cool mint mask that calms and firms the skin. 60min-$65



Rejuvenate Me! - Enjoy a 60 minute therapeutic massage followed by a 15 minute Rejuvenating Hair & Scalp treatment, then finish with a 30 minute Sauna/Steam Shower visit. $90  Savings=$15

Return to Wellness - Enjoy a 90 minute session which includes a 60 minute therapeutic massage with a 30 minute aromatic body exfoliation of your choice. Prior to this treatment, calm your mind in the Sauna/Steam Shower room. $110  Savings=$15

Head to Toe - If you enjoy extra time spent on your feet, this is the treatment for you! Following a 60 minute massage, you will enjoy a full 60 minute Foot Reflexology Treatment, which includes a Hair & Scalp massage. End it all with a 30 minute Sauna/Steam Shower visit. $135 Savings=$15

Day of Wellness - Enjoy your choice of a 90 minute Hot Stone Massage or a 60 minute Massage with a 30 minute Salt Glow or Sugar Body Polish Exfoliation with Aromatherapy included. Then, pick from our Express Facial or an aromatherapy Sinus/Headache massage. After, relax in your own private Sauna/Steam Shower room as a prelude or ending to this most luxurious treatment! $160  Savings=$20

Gentleman's Retreat - Enjoy a 60 minute relaxing massage followed by a 60 minute gentleman's facial, then enjoy, 30 minutes in your own private Sauna/Steam Shower room, to finish up your relaxing day! $135 Savings=$15

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Facial Massage - Contact our massage parlor in Southgate, Michigan, for hot stone treatment, or a neuromuscular or prenatal massage.
Contact our Wellness Spa in  Southgate, Michigan, for a deep tissue massage, hot stone treatment,
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